what makes your eggs have blood spots and black specks inside the egg?

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    i have been getting some eggs that have either blood inside the egg or a black spec, can you please tell me what causes them to have that, thank-you verry much!!!!
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    When the yolk is released from the ovary (a chicken produces eggs from only one of its ovaries) sometimes a blood vessel ruptures and deposits a spot of blood on the yolk. You can also have meat spots that are either an older blood spot or a small piece of reproductive tissue that has broken off somewhere during the egg making. Both are harmless and do not affect the quality (other than aesthetics) or flavor of the egg.

    Blood spots can appear when a pullet first starts to lay, when a hen is getting older, or they can be hereditary, a trait that can be passed on to her offspring. I have a hen that almost always has a spot on her eggs. You don't see them very often in store bought eggs because automated candling can identify them and the egg processing machinery will kick the egg out before it makes it to a carton.

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    hey great answer U.C., thanks!

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