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Kemical Fenix

5 Years
Jun 17, 2016
Las Vegas
Hello, I bought 3 chicks from a local feed store 1 week ago, and they are definitely not what I was told(Cochin mixed). I'm not very familiar with Cochins at all but I should've known better cause they had no feathers on legs & feet. 2 of them also have 5 toes, so I just figured Cochins were one of the 5 toe'd breeds. I noticed they definitely look like they have BR in them. I guess the employee at feed store got mixed up as to which cage I was referring to. Here's some pics...
Chick #1, 4 toes and no white head spot.
So I just found out that black sex-links are RR crossed with BR, and that the males have the head spot & barring, so good chance they're black sex-links!? What would explain the 5 toes though? Could they be sex links from BR hen crossed with something other than a RR roo? Thanks for any info/replies.
I think you have Easter Eggers, which isn't a recognized breed but a name given to mixes who have the blue egg gene. From what I can't tell they have muffed cheeks and pea combs correct? Since Easter Eggers are really just highly praised mixes it is very possible for them to have them.
Nope, no muffs/beards and combs look like standard, though hard to tell this early. They did have EE's at the feed store(labeled "Ameraucana's" of course) in a different cage, they were the kind that look like little chipmunks though.

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