What mommy ears can hear!


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Aug 29, 2008
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I thought this was funny.
I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and my DH was out in his shed. We had our 6 chicks (about a month and half old) out in their run. All of a sudden I hear Butterfly our one chick chirpping extremley loud (you know the one that is screaming mommy something is wrong). I ran to the bathroom window and yelled at my husband that somethings wrong with my babies (the window looks out towards his shed) and he comes running out of the shed. Meanwhile I am trying to get out of the house without having the the three dogs following (picture a man fighting an octopus, they wanted out really bad). I finally get out and over to the coop and my husband is laughing! :mad: Here is butterfly ( one of our chicks) running around in circles looking for the rest of his little family, everybody else had decide to go to bed on their own and left him (at least we think he's a he) and he couldn't figure out how to get up the ramp. Well I helped him up and went ahead and locked up the coop a little early for the night. Meanwhile my husband tells me to stay off the predator section of BYC because I worry too much! I tried to explain that I knew that something wasnt right, a mommy just knows their different crys. My DH says I'm crazy! so what do you think?
LOL!!!! Poor guy! I know I go running if they get loud...my heart starts pounding and I about kill myself trying to get out the door...I run out and nothing! lol
A mommy's ear always know the difference between her baby's cries! You are a good momma!

Glad it was something so simple and no one was getting hurt.
See I told him I wasnt crazy!
Hey skand I see that you have a tarantula in you home. My daughter has one called a pink toe and its name is magomi (means black night or something like in japanese). She freaks when I kill any spider. sorry folks to me they are free game, ecspecially if I walk into the web and people see me do the oh my god dance! (wow maybe I am crazy)
I just read about somebody having their chicks eaten by a snake and they caught the snake. (excuse me I need to call my hubby to check on the babies.)
Your husband thinks you're crazy
?? He should see me whenever I hear a hawk screeching while it circles in the area above my yard...I run outside with my cooking pot and my big metal spoon (which I keep handy near the back door) and start banging them together. It upsets the chickens enough so they all run under the nearest bush and it must annoy the hawk because they seem to move away from the area.
Lol! That's what our leghorn,Popcorn's for. He sees it, lets out the INTRUDER! crow, and EVERY chicken is hidden instantly, if it wasn't for that , he'd be in the stew-pot tomarrow. hate that roo!
Yeah, our trantula is only here because of our kiddos, they found him, so it's their's/dad's. lol Found him walking around in the back yard,yay:/
one of ten million around our house.

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