what music do you play for your chickens

Mine have music all day and they get a mix of a little bit of everything. Their favorite music at any given time always matches mine.
I usually sing to all the livestock while choring. They get a mix of country, christian, and broadway musicals. This morning I believe it was ''Make it through the winter'', (7 Brides for Brothers) and ''Jingle Bells''. Yes. I know what month this is.
I just started brooding a batch of chicks in the shower, but it does seem a bit too quiet for them - maybe I should add a radio. I think I might try KQED, so they can hear talking and music - who knows, maybe they'll even get educated.
heavy doses of Waylon Jennings with a little Blue Grass (Louvin Brothers,Bill Monroe & Earl Scruggs) mixed in too.

what can i say - i probably got the most Red-Neck chickens on earth - maybe that is why i like Rhode Island Reds.

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