What my dear husband did for our chicks in the chicken house

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    May 14, 2010
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    Okay first I will tell you that our chicks are housed in our old single wide trailer (its pretty good sized). We don't know how to build slanted roofs and our chicken houses we built in the past has always leaked. Our old trailer doesn't leak so we thought since it wasn't being used lets turn it into a chicken house. It works for them!

    Anyhow, the days are getting hot here and we have fans running in the chicken house. My husband was so tired and in pain when he came home from work today. He came home and instead of resting he started working on install a swamp cooler in the chicken house. We have a second swamp cooler and I wanted to make use of it in the chicken house because it is really warm in there.

    So now the chicks has nice cool air. Next on the list is making a chicken yard (ours will be given half of the acre of land we live on to free range).

    I thought it so nice of him to worry about the comfort of the chicks even though he really didn't feel like it:cool:
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    Ahhh how sweet!!
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    You got a good guy there.

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