What not to feed a baby chick and what things are concidered as treats for them?


May 4, 2015
My chick is 2 days old and I've been researching what other things can you feed a baby chicken, other than chicken feed. So far, I've came up with nothing. I read what seems like a million threads about what to feed them and most of them give me the same answer! EVERYTHING!!!! I'm house training my new baby and I don't know what a "treat" is for her. Everything isn't enough information, when trying to teach her to earn her reward. (treats) I don't want to feed her something to make her sick, I've already fell in love with her. lol Can anyone list things they can't eat and are treats to them?
I started at about a week old with mine and giving treats. I took me an worms an crushed them up super small and he'll my hand in the brooder . they were curious so once they tried them they loved it. My next treat I did was grapes. I cut them up super super small and threw out the skin at first just to make sure no one choked. After a few more weeks I tried tomatoes and they loved those 2.
I would just stick with her regular feed until at least a week old, then you can add in grit and start introducing a small amount of other things. It is important to remember that this is their developmental stage and they need a certain amount of specific nutrients and protein. Aka her normal feed. You want to limit "treats" for now to 5% or so of her diet, and always make sure she has eaten her normal feed first.

Things NOT to feed: avocado, chocolate, citrus i rhink also.
Things to give as treats: plain yogurt, scrambled or hard boiled eggs, leafy greens and most any vegetable or fruit.

The list is endless, but just avoid avocado skin and pits, and chocolate.

A small chunk of sod with dirt still attached to it from your yard is a good thing to give also, as are worms and insects.
Remember that she will need grit for anything other than her feed, yogurt, and egg.
Thank you!! You guys done really made my day!!

I was totally bugging on this. I'm a newbie to this whole chicken as a pet situation. I just wanted to be positively sure about everything. It's good to know I have a place to come to for information when I need it. I'm not sure if I could really crush worms, but I have a nephew that would do just that. I'd probably pass out. lol I have two more questions. Since I'm house training her, when would be a great time to let her start exploring the great outdoors? I have a huge fenced in yard with a nice size chicken coop in a pin. How would I know if my grass has anything harmful in it? Sorry if I'm asking to many questions.
I just gave my chicks a few small mealworms. They're my first and turn a week old today.I've also kept a clump of grass in the brooder since day 2 or so. I've also tried hard boiled egg, blueberries, and spinach. None of which they seemed to care for. But the mealworns were fun to watch. If they were being raised by a hen then they'd be eating all sorts of things. I've tried to keep that in mind but also be careful of how much they're getting.
Yay! I think I'm good there too. I haven't done much to the lawn besides mowed it. I can't wait until she's a week old so I can treat her. I will probably buy her some worms from a bait shop. How long before I would no longer have to mash the worm up? I can't imagine my baby eating worms. lol I would like to say thank you once more and soooooooooo sorry for all the questions. It's just that after all of my research, many concerns/questions went unanswered. I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. You all have been a very big help.
They make dried mealworms that crunch up really easily. Its called happy hen treats and you can get them at a feed store or a tractor supply. They arnt nearly as gross as the live ones lol

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Thank you for asking this, im new like you!
My chickees are starting to molt already so i figured i could start giving them treats but im not sure how i should give it to them...cooked or raw, in the brooder or by hand.

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