What on earth did I just do to my chicks eye?

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    I have a 9 week old chick that has had an issue with his right eye off and on since hatching. It would get crusty and I rinse it out then it's fine for a few days, then we seem to repeat it over again. I noticed it getting worse the past couple of days and tonight when I went to cover the coop for the night I noticed it had some yellow discharge. After looking at it closely I could see what looked like a piece of something in it so I wiped the corner of his eye with a qtip to try to get it out. He shook his head and I moved the q-tip and the next thing I knew, yellow stringy stuff was all over his face, (nasty) and then all of this blood started coming out of his eye!! I honestly thought his eyeball had popped or something!!. I held a tissue over his eye to drain the blood and lo and behold there was his eyeball still intact but it is still bleeding a little. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it near as much as I am but what the heck did I do to him???
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    i dont know but dont feel bad for trying![​IMG] hope its okay!

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