what on earth is her issue!?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
My BO who will be 20 weeks today or tomorrow has been "barking?" all afternoon. she's driving me bonkers. I don't know what on earth her issue is. LOL! and she is LOUD. she's all in a tizzy in there... in the coop, out to the run, in the coop, out to the run... jumping up on the 2x4's barking away VERY loudly. this is new for her. they're usually really quiet.

does she have "issues"? LOL!
Could she be close to laying if she isn't already? From what I hear, they are a little more vocal and antsy right before they start.
No eggs yet... I thought perhaps that was the issue and I keep checking in the coop but nothing... LOL!

I didn't think about pests in the coop... when I looked in earlier I didn't see anything in there...

Is there something I should be looking for in general? she is driving me bonkers, LOL!
My BO honks like a goose. When she's hot she does it more. Is it hot where you are?

She could be close to laying as well. Is it just a bawk (or honk in my case) or is it a cluck cluck cluck cluck BAGAAAAAWWWWWKKK? (that's the egg song)
its general honking... with an egg song in there here and there LOL! but mostly just honking. LOL! however, its more of a bark LOL!

Oh well, I just let them outside to run around. it was about their normal "outside" roaming time anyways LOL! now she should be quiet! I hope she doesn't do this all day tomorrow!

its only about 78* today...
I have an EE that has been doing that crap for WEEKS! She finally laid today. Beautiful blue egg. But gosh oh mighty she was irritating. Constant chattering to herself, that would get really loud, and then back to musing over something. Screaming the egg song off and on all day as well! On, and on, every day! Most days she would be all by herself, and still fussing away. We'll see if it continues now that she laid.

I have a WPR that did that for a few hours one day, and then laid her egg. She was my first one to lay.
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