what on earth is on her feathers? eggs???

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  1. spish

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    Apr 7, 2010
    ive just got home and notice one of my 18 month old ex battery hens was missing, and found her eyes closed huddled in the hen house
    she was quite muddy but the mud all over her was dry so i began scrapping off the bigger chunks then the pla, was to bring her in for a wash.

    but, on scraping off the big chunks i notice at the base of her feather clump after clump after clump of small whitish colours 'balls' all connected together around and up the feather shaft. on every feather there is a mound of these balls, and here and there a saw a very large louse?(long orange/brown/transparant in places) and also small black tiny bugs crawling around with a white dot in the middle of their body,mites? are those white balls eggs??????????
    all birds were dusted 6 weeks ago with zerox -p (Pyrethrum) could such a severe infestation crop up in such a short time?? she is stick thin so im guessing being sucked alive..ive now dusted her all over and hope she pulls through. crop is also empty but she refuses to eat?
    not sure what else i can do for her?
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    Yes - she has lice and probably mites as well. You could dust her (and all others) with Sevin dust - and - you can apply Ivermectin - a spot on their back, next to their skin.
  4. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    Those are Mite clusters, dip her and dust she will start to feel better right away, you may also try and worm her for good measure. don't forget to disenfect other birds, roost, nesting boxes and the whole coop and run as these little buggers hide out and can reinfest your flock.


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