What on earth is up with this guys feet?!


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Dec 2, 2009
I recently got a pair of blue silkies off kijiji, I looking at the roo and noticed his feet looked a little weird. His feet were really poopy so I brought him in the house to wash his feet and OMG my eyes popped out of my head! They are like...mutalated for lack of a better word, especially one of them. I feel so bad that I didnt notice sooner but he has no problems walking which makes me think he has been like this for awhile, even before I got him. I got a few other pairs from him, none were as bad as this poor guy but my Silkies looked like supermodels compared to them if ya know what I mean. I paid quite a bit of money for all of them, money I worked REALLY hard earn and I was expecting a bit more then this. Anyways, is there anything I can do for him? I dusted him for mites when I got him and then again this evening, but what about his feet...

body shot:

head shot, poor guy looks miserable

top view of feet:

bottom view of feet:

this one is the worst...
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Poor guy!! Have you contacted the person you bought them from? That breeder has a lot of explaining to do and perhaps a refund (as well as an apology to this poor roo). Deformed feet can be from incubator problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as genetic issues. I am not an expert so I cannot begin to figure which or how many issues this poor fellow has. He looks like he is wearing the nails down too far on one foot and other nails are too long. I think he may be too old to fix but I hope I am wrong. So sorry.
Poor guy...Hopefully you can save him but I myself would probably cull him. It looks like he has a callus on that one foot because he has been walking on the side of his foot. I have a hen that at some point must of broke her outer toe and it got bent over and she has been walking on it so it callused up....It looks very similar to his... Here is a pic.... I don't think there is anything I can do for it. She walks fine and gets around fine....It's on the left foot in the pic.
Oh, that poor things nails are so long that he probably ended up breaking them off and that's why they are so short and bloody looking........ Those people that you got that chicken from shouldn't be allowed to own animals if they can't properly take care of them....That's one thing that makes me so mad about people
ok so im sick right now and idk what i have but i now know what i had for dinner last night!!!!
i think that is just horrible!! when isaw those pictures i was like
then finally
Looks like infected feather follicles.....you might try pulling the feather quills out to let anything drain and soak the feet in iodine.....that kills gram negative and gram positive bacteria...........................................................chrisf

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