what other brand than Vabazen?

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    Nov 23, 2013
    I know about the Safeguard liquid.. I keep reading about the "pea size" dose to adminster for worming....what exactly is this other??????
    . I assume in a tube it comes for cattle or horses????
    so what exactly do I look for at TSC??
    cause I think since they mostly have had Valabzn that it might not be as effective...
    I read to use diff kinds todo so worms dont become resistant.....
    Hopefully will be able to give on a lil pc. of bread....one at a tiime. away from each other so they dont mob each other......
    It been so rainy here lately and they are constantly grazing in leaf pile and puddles in this old place.... rainy now even here....

    thanks all
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Valbazen 1/2 cc or ml orally and repeated in 10 days is the dosage for a 5 pound chicken. SafeGuard Liquid, equine paste or Panacur horse paste are fenbendazole. The best dosage to treat all of the hard to get worms is 1/4 ml per pound of weight, given 5 days in a row.
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    Here is a post with some pictures of wormers, hopefully that will help. Wormers start on third page of the thread.
    It just depends on what your store carries. Not all have the same stock.
    I generally alternate with Safeguard and Valbazen.
    There are also some very good posts on here regarding worming, any post be Dawg53 is worth your time to read.
  4. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Heck TSC didnt have Valbazen
    SEnt for it. Unfortunately I bought a bigger bottle than will ever need before it expires.... Duh me
    Yeah been on here for a while and know about Dawg53.....
    Plus Hubby reuses some syringes and hope he peroxided them enough. so will send awy for a big box of the 1ml.....
    Unfort bought the 3ml box and Hubby said they too bulky and the tip isnt long....
    have a box now locally bought but they have the needle .. like I assumed for isulin injections and allergy shots....Hubby said too hard to break off the needle and that the tip isnt long like the regular un needled syringes we had and have
    thanks yall

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