What our mail lady told me today, just a heads up.


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Talking to our mail lady today. She said at the sorting center (general mail facility in Hot Springs) that our mail goes through the supervisor always says the same thing when he sees "fragile" written on the box. He says and I quote "Oh fraa geel. That's french for throw it harder." She told me this was a common attitude that she's seen at several different POs.

I've received eggs with nothing written on the box and not a single egg broken. I've received boxes with FRAGILE clearly marked, eggs broken.

I'm not trying to flame the USPS. My dad was a letter carrier for 25 years and I know he was very careful with his customers mail and was very well liked by his customers. Just telling you what was said, as a heads up.


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I heard something about writing 'syrup' or something on the boxes, cuz if they break a box full of syrup or something the whole place is a mess...or maybe it was molasses or something

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I mark all my egg boxes "FRAGILE" "PERISHABLE" "EGGS FOR HATCHING ENCLOSED" and will continue. Unless, of course they are going somewhere they shouldn't be going and it's just "FRAGILE" "PERISHABLE".
It is not about what is written on the outside of the box, it is about what is inside the box (how the eggs are wrapped and packed) that determines whether the eggs arrive in hatchable condition.
Good luck!


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I've been very happy with my Postoffice shipped eggs and chicks. Everyone has always arrived in great condition. My carriers have been great and attentive. The Postoffice is finantially hurting right now. Who is going to do the job if they go under?

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Quote:Introducing Orange Ribbon Chicken Express. Guaranteed same day service even if it takes us a week to get them there.

What someone says about "FRAGILE" and what they DO are two different things. I've been known to make off the wall comments like that just goofing around. But you know, it is really something how some people have no respect for their job or other people's property, and how they get away with doing crummy stuff. You'd think there would be more people who would yank a knot in someone's rear end if they saw them being destructive.

My brothers were made overseers of some private land near our home. A creek winds across the road several times that must be forded to get there, and lots of people like to ride ATVs on that road. My brothers put up a gate to keep people from tearing up the place and the first night someone ran into it with a truck and bent the gate up. They straightened it out and reinforced it by welding some more steel on it, and that very night someone hooked a chain to it and pulled it out of the ground. So they concreted it in. Somebody is still messing with it occasionally, but they can't get it out now. They have even cut the fence off to the side trying to get in! Those are the kind of idiots that are ruining other's mail. There is only one way to deal with that kind of person, and that is knock them in the head. But then you'd be in jail and they'd still be tearing up stuff.

Going on and on here, but I saw a big man trying to cut a teenager open with a broken beer bottle at a convenience store out in the country one time. I stepped in and got the boy into his car safely and sent him home. The store owner came out with a pistol, shot up into the air and told the big guy who was also a well known drug dealer to clear out. Well, the guy was driving even though he had his license revoked, so he drove home and got his wife to drive him to the sheriff's office where he swore out a complaint and had the store owner arrested for brandishing a firearm. Now talk about messed up! But mean people know how to use even what is supposed to be good and protective for citizens against them. Sorry I ranted. I guess you can tell that I get really ticked off when it comes to depraved individuals.


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With exceptions to the rule, I generally have found government workers to be under worked and over paid. If another "entity" takes over the post office, the cost of postage will probably go down and we'll get better service.

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