What plant is this?


Sep 2, 2015
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Ok the plant in the picture (avatar) is the one in question. The bushes can grow huge as tall as a tree. They do not flower at all. However the do produce purple berries once or twice a year. They start off green the become purple. The cows love the leaves and the chickens love the berries. as do lots of other animals. They stay green all year round, we live near san antonio tx and the soil zone is number 8. I am very confused as to what this is. My husband grandmother thinks its hydrangea but hydrangea produce flowers in the three years we have lived here i have not once seen these produce a flower of any kind not even one on the ground. I imagine they are not poisous to the animals since one they eat them and two none have had an adverse effect. I am just curious and its killing me. In alot of my pictures are these bushes.


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Feb 2, 2009
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I cannot come anywhere close to seeing that plant well enough in your avatar to even attempt a guess. Try close-ups showing leaves and bark. A photo of the berries would be great, immature and /or ripe. If you could show a photo of a tree so we can see shape and form, that could be a big help.

Does it grow in shade, partial shade, or full sun. If it is making berries it almost has to be flowering but the flowers are probably pretty tiny. If you look for them you might be able to see them I the right season.

If you contact your county extension agent you can probably take a sample to them. They’ll probably send it to a land grant college, maybe A&M in Texas but you may have more, if they cannot identify it themselves.

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