What possible Disease/toxin killing off Muscovy drakes only??

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  1. I had a gal come to me yesterday wanting to know if I'd heard of any disease that would kill off all her Muscovy drakes. She lost her last drake (3yr old head drake ) yesterday. She said he had seemed fine the day before... caruncles looked a bit pale that morning and was dead when she got home fm work. :( None of her Muscovy hens or other breed ducks seem to be affected. I asked her about feed/housing ect. to try an eliminate those as possible problems but again... none of the hens or other breed ducks have died. She had bought two younger drakes in early fall that seemed a bit weak, gave them some dog kibble and they seemed to perk up for awhile but died a few weeks later. Since then, her other 4 older drakes have died off w/the only noticable symptom being their caruncles getting pale a day or so before they died. Not all of the drakes were related. Has anyone experienced or heard of this problem before? Is there a genetic component in male Muscovy that could make them more suseptable to something? I did suggest that she get on the forum and relate as much detail as possible since she could answer any questions you all might have. Thanks for any input!!
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    If your friend loses another, she should send it out for a necropsy.
  4. I agree.

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