What Poultry books/magazines are a "must have"

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  1. I'm doing some online shopping, and there are SO many poultry books, which do you feel are a "must have" for the backyard flock owner, and perhaps you could mention why?

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    May 26, 2008
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    I have Gail Damerow's "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens."
    Being newer to chickens, it has helped me a lot with many questions I have had about them.

    I also have subscribed to "Backyard Poultry" this year. I have received only two issues so far & love it! It is also very helpful and they have great articles. The only drawback to it is.....I wish it came every month instead of bi-monthly! [​IMG]
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    Plenty. I have TONS of them. Most are out of print, but there are a few that are good and still available from most sources.

    Some of mine that come to mind and to which I constantly refer:

    Old, OOP

    "Successful Poultry Management," Morely A. Jull

    "Poultry the Modern Way," Leonard Mercia

    "Profitable Poultry Production," M.G Kains...
    This one is available on-line here, for FREE:

    Heres another one available for FREE:
    "Egg Farming In California," Charles Weeks -

    Keep in mind that the old books mentioned here were around before the modern writers got going - long before. The newcomers essentially learned it all from these guys. These old folks knew how to do chickens the simple way, before commercial methods confused our minds and confounded our efforts.

    As for modern books, I have many but to be honest, few of them stick out in my mind as offering anything really profound. Maybe that says something, I dunno.

    Modern Books

    - Gail Damerows (or any of the Storey books) are good and available, like "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens"

    - Anything offered by Bob Plamondon

    - "A Guide to Better Hatching" by Janet Stromberg.

    - "Chicken Tractor" by Andy Lee and Pat Foreman.


    The one book you should have, if you were to only have one?
    This one:

    "Successful Poultry Management," Morely A. Jull

    It's OOP but can be had if you look around. I got one for under $10. Whatever you do, DONT Buy these new - get them used from alibris.com, Amazon.com or ebay.
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    One of my Favorite books is Storeys Illustrated guide to poultry breeds. Its been very handy.
  5. Davaroo, I knew you would have the clarity I sought, thanks so much!

    lurky I have put that one on my amazon list as well as the Successful Poultry Management & A Guide to Better Hatching.

    this sounds like a well rounded bunch to start with...

    I'm wondering though, is there one I should have that is specific to chicken health and treatments?
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    One book that I've really enjoyed is "Fresh-Air Poultry Houses" by Prince T. Woods. It is an OOP (out of print) book that was printed in 1912 and again in 1924. It deals almost exclusively with housing using "open air" type housing. Very good information on building that coop of yours.

    Norton Creek Press has the 1924 edition available as a reprint or you can view/download the 1912 edition via Googlebooks at this link: Fresh-Air Poultry Houses

    ETA: The newer edition does have a bit more information included but in Chapter 5 of the older version is a very good documentation *and* pictures of building a monitor type house. Excellent information that even includes a materials list!

    Best wishes,
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    I have a bunch of these books on my website...


    I am working on how to give a 10% discount to BYC members. I haven't figured out how to do it on my website yet!
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    Jan 27, 2007
    Avian Medicine: Principles and applications: http://www.avianmedicine.net/ampa.html

    be downloaded by chapter or in whole. Nice reference to have handy and it does have a chapter on galliformes (chooks/turks/etc.).
  9. The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerrow.

    I have seen soooooo many people asking questions or having problems on the forums that are all covered in that one book.

    Steve in NC
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    Quote:I agree, Steve, that's an excellent book!


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