What R U Feeding Your Pekins? Update!


11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
The duck that I took last week isn't eating very well. She did lay an egg yesterday, so thats a good sign, but she doesn't seem to be eating much at all. She am drinking lots of water. I started out giving her pellets. Next, I tried mixing some crumbles in. Lastly, I gave her some bits of fruit and veggie scraps. She has nibbled at all of it, but just hasn't ate much. What do you feed? Should I try something else?
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Her owner said that she had been eating starter, I'm assuming crumbles, for the last two years. She said that she had recently started giving her corn. This is a duck I took in that had been bought as pets for their children. They didn't own any other animals and didn't seem very knowledgeable about poultry. They are very nice people who loved the duck though.

I do have some starter crumbles here for my chick and I mixed those with pellets. She isn't eating at all pig like right now.
is the starter medicated ? I heard that is not healthy for ducks.
I have a male pekin in with a couple of other ducks and they eat layer pellets along with some scratch grains as treats, they also get veggies, oatmeal, and what ever the chickens eat.

good luck wih her

No I'm not giving any medicated feed on my farm We try to go organic. She is definetly not eating anough. Any suggestions??
Thanks so much for moving it.

I dumped the old feed this morning and filled it just with starter, but she still didn't go for it. The first thing I heard when I went outside this morning was her quacking. I poured the feed in the dish right in front of her, hoping that might encourage her to eat, but she didn't seem interested. She didn't eat a bite out of the new feed. You can hear her all over the farm quacking. She seems healthy, other than the not eating.

I just don't know what to do for her. Any help would really be appreciated.
I'm editing to say that we have had her for nearly a week and she hasn't ate a half a cup of food in that time, if any at all. I think she may have just dumped some out, as its on the floor by the bowl. I'm starting to be afraid she is going to starve to death.
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Do you have any greens you can tempt her with?

Does she have a pool or pond? I don't have ducks, but I have seen folks floating greens on the water and the ducks gobbling them up.
I've got a pool in there. I tried to give her some shredded veggies and she, at first, nibbled at seed from the inside of a bell pepper. When I went back and looked later she had left the majority of them, but she did take a bite. She didn't eat anything else.
do you have other ducks in with her ? maybe she is eating when they do?

When we got our newest female - she did not eat right away either - just kinda followed the others around watching them - but than I noticed her eating at night - so maybe that's when your girl is eating? does she look like she is getting weak or skinney?

i wish i could help nore - but I am fairly new to having ducks myself - had mine only a year


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