What repels wild birds?


5 Years
Oct 8, 2014
Central Texas
Ever since spring actually started here a few weeks ago, I've had a big issue with wild finches eating my chicken's food. It wasn't much of an issue to me until they started pooping on everything. This wasn't just a few finches either, this was dozens of them! I've been feeding my chickens scratch feed. I can't afford to feed my chickens and the entire wild finch population, so what do I do? I'm also afraid I might be hurting them too. About a week ago I switched half of my chickens over to chick starter feed since their chicks hatched last week, but some of the finches are eating the chick starter too. Most of them go for the scratch feed that I still give to my other chickens, though. I could start giving my chickens(the ones without chicks) what I fed them before I started feeding them scratch feed, but I was feeding them layer feed then. The reason why I switched over to scratch grain is because I read that the extra calcium in layer feed can harm my roosters. Is there anything I can do to repel/deter/get rid of these finches?


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
we have a lot of wild birds too so I always put their feed and stuff inside the covered run, even though my duck, rooster and dog are pretty good at running them off, if your run isn't covered maybe try feeding them inside the coop.

Once they don't find an easy meal that they love they will look elsewhere, they stay in the front yard as they don't get bothered to bad
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