what sex and breed are my silkies?

josh ingram

7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
just wondering if anyone can tell me waht sex and breed are theses three silkie chickens.
If you have any infomation on silkies or my silies please tell me as need any infomation as possable.


Thank you please respond if you now what sex they are and
any other infomatinon.

thanks everbody for helping
There is a Silkie thread just for silkie lovers. Lots of great info on that thread, but may take you hrs to read it all. There is another thread on Silkie Showing, Breeding and Genetics thread for serious discussions.

It is hard for me to see your silkies on my phone, so I can't venture any guess of sex. Silkies are slower to mature and lay eggs, so sometimes it can take 4-5 months to accurately determine gender and 7-8 months or longer before they start laying.

Silkies are different from other breeds in some ways, such as their feathers do not repel water, they usually do not roost and would rather sleep together in a big fluffy pile on the coop floor.

If you post on the Silkie Thread, let folks know whether your birds are from a hatchery and how old they age. Many folks on that thread are breeders and if you look at some of the pics, you will see a big difference between hatchery birds vs breeder birds.

Silkies are often docile and sweet tempered. So, you should have some nice pets!
Thanks up for all the replys. They are 17 weeks old and I hatched them off in my own incubator.

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