What sex and breed are these?


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Nov 11, 2012
Near Dothan, AL
Hi. I recently got 4 white bantam chickens at a local auction. I think they might be cochins or (maybe) langshans - or some cross with one of those. My main question is - are they hens or roos? Two of them have spiked combs - shown in the first pic (the one in the rear - its comb flops over to one side or the other - not attached in the back of it), and the other two have a walnut sort of comb - like in the second pic. Their feathers look more like hens to me, but so far I've gotten no eggs - and no crowing. I also have a full-size rooster (a cuckoo marans I think - and several light brahma hens), so maybe his command of the yard keeps them from crowing? (does it work like that?) I'm thinking that someone here can tell me right away what I have. I'm afraid I might have 4 little roos.
I do want some cute little bantam eggs. Thank you for your help!


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