What sex are these Easter Eggers?


May 8, 2012
I have these 5 EE's that I hatched they are about 8 weeks old. I have read several posts on how to tell what sex they are. I am still lost "
. can someone help me out to give there expertise on what sex these chicks may be..?

Here is all 5

Here is 4 of the 5 chicks
Thank you for your input Just Hatched.. Here is one more picture of the far right one to see the feather pattern.
That is what I thought, but then I began to read the posts and I started questioning... I hatched Australorps and GLW and they were very easy to sex, these are much harder.. I was hoping for 5 girls since I just lost 3 of my Australorps to a red fox last week
and I am not allowed to have roosters
The black and white ones are both cockerals for sure...the darkest black/tan one also looks like a roo - that comb is awefully red and large. The two lighter brown ones are both pullets.
EEs can sometimes be sexed by color pattern, but black and white ones can be tough. Your 2 lightest browns are girls. Not sure on the rest. I don't see any of the patchy red coloring on the wings that is usually present by 8 weeks. Some closer pictures might help.

Look carefully at their combs. A pullet's will be pale and have only one small ridge down the center.

A young cockerel will have a bright pink comb that is much more prominent and the 3 distinct ridges will be forming.

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