What sex are these little ones?


10 Years
Sep 25, 2009
Three SL Wyandotte/ EE crosses and one Buff Orpington/ EE cross. Trying to decide what sexes these guys are. I hatched these guys to see if I could get a larger coloured egg, so it's just my little experiment to see what I get. I know my one EE rooster has sired green or blue egg layers previously with a non-coloured egg laying hen, so I hope it works this time.

The have chick food in their cage, but I was trying to get them to come out so I could take a photo, so I put out some corn to lure them..lol. Their hatching mom is mean, so I don't dare try to capture one.




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Thanks! I was afraid I would have mostly roosters but that's life. Any ideas on the light coloured chickie?

Also, I keep putting shavings or hay in the cage with these guys and it is gone in a matter of minutes from their fierce scratching. I put a board inside the cage because I was scared their little feet would get tender on the wire. Is there something else I could put in the cage for them that might hold up to their scratching?
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