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Jul 30, 2021
Hi there. I have this silkie that is 17 weeks old. I got them to start my flock and to start raising more once they start laying. I have figured out the sex of my others in the flock but unfortunately this is my only silkie. Everything i have found says pullet, but i have people telling me roo. I’m not sure where else to go. At first i thought roo because the silkie and my big roo don’t get alone. But because it doesn’t have a comb nor does it crow like my big roo, I’m starting to second guess myself. Please help!


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Also check the crest feathers. Looks like there may be streamers, these are usually a bit coarser and thicker than the regular feathers. This one is looking most like a boy from your photos but I would like to see the other photos as well.
I say pullet. I just had 4 silkies we got in our bunch or random breeds and 3 were roosters and 1 a pullet. At 13 weeks 2 were crowing and 15 weeks the 3rd started. The hen had very small comb. Barely could see. And the 3 roosters were much more noticeable on their forehead.
Okay newbie here! I have a couple of 5 week old chicks. 3 of which are silkies. I know everyone says it’s way too early to sex them but I can’t help notice the differences between them and wonder if I have a few boys. Thoughts?! Is the reddish comb (pic 1) that’s coming in any indication I’ve got a roo or is that common for males or females in early development. One of my others doesn’t have it (second pic).



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