What sex is this??


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Sep 20, 2008
We have two black sex links and I am curious to know
if one is a rooster. What is the difference? I don't know how to add a photo yet but I will email it to anyone that can answer my question. Thanks for the help.
How old are they? When they are chicks, the males have a white spot on their heads and the females don't. If they are older and all black, then they are females. Males will have barred rock coloring.
i can answer with confidence i breed black sex links.when they grow their feathers if they are an iridescent black ( black that has a green look when in the light.) it is a hen.but if it is black and white checkered like a barred rock it is a noisy crowing rooster
but a few black sex link hens are brown and black almost looking like a golden laced wyndote it is a hen too. a black sex link is when you breed a red rooster (rir) whit a barred hen (barred rock) (dominque) plz excuse my spelling :|
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Thank you for your answers. After seeing the photos I see that I just have one very noisey pullet.
I know I was convinced I had a noisy pullet but are they supposed to have this much comb & wattle?? My other one doesn't have much and is so much quieter.
I will not question anyone about what I have anymore. It is in fact just a noisy pullet. We got another egg from her just a few minutes ago.
without the knowledge of the egg from the photo i deem that a hen and a pretty hen at that.good luck with your two pretty roosters
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