What should I be feeding my flock?

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    I have six pullets. Three Ameracaunas, one Olive Egger, one Silkie and one Cochin. Everyone except my Cochin is between 3-5 months old. I think my Cochin is between 6-8 months old. I have been feeding them an always-available supply of medicated chick feed plus a daily treat bowl with a mix of cracked corn, black sunflower seeds and dried mealworms. I know I need to transition them off of the chick crumbles. Should I start them on layer crumbles? And how much is too much of the “treat mix” I’m giving them? Thanks for your input.
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    You could look for a "grower" feed or an "all flock" feed, which they can remain on indefinitely. Once they are actually laying, then you can consider whether you want to switch them to a layer feed.
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    Yeah I would ditch the medicated feed, they don't need the meds at this age. Grower until 18 weeks then transition slowly to layer. Mix them together so the transition is gradual over a week or 2. As for layer feed, I am using Purina Layena Plus Omega 3, which is very good. But was thinking of trying Nutrena Naturewise Hearty Hen as it's soy free and 18% protein.
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    I feed starter till 8 weeks and then an all flock Grower/Finisher feed. I don't use layer feed. I supply oyster shell in a separate dish.

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