what should i charge for babysitting?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by fowlwoman1, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. fowlwoman1

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Wenatchee, WA
    I need to start earning some $$, so I"m going to be babysitting an 8 month old boy at my house. what is a good rate for babysitting? I was thinking $2-$3. but I keep thinking about it and $2 just seems too low. is $3 per hour reasonable?
  2. Year of the Rooster

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    Jun 27, 2008
    West Central Ohio
    I get paid $5 an hour when I sit, but thats what the parents are willing to pay. I don't set a price [​IMG]. But then again I don't babysit very often either [​IMG] I'd say have a minimum and if the people pay more then its your luck!
  3. redhead83402

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Around here, daycare prices are about $4 per hour for kids 3+, and $5 to $6 for kids 2 & under, babies being more, since they require far closer tending, diaper changing, feedings, etc.

    I used to watch kids in my home ( about 4 at a time) & I did a pre-school for the ones that were 2 and older. The mothers LOVED it that I did a pre-school, made them feel as though their kids were getting more than just regular daycare, so they were willing to pay a better price.

    Also, for little tiny ones, you might want to have the parents bring you a supply of diapers, wet-wipes & formula. That should be mandatory, so that should they forget a diaper bag, or run out of supplies or forget to pack something, that you aren't stuck with a poopy hungry baby, or having to use something like toilet paper ( NOT FUN! lol) I just had hooks for the supplies diaper bags, & I would let the parents know when they were getting low. I only used the stuff if they forgot the regular diaper bag, and I would occasionally use up the formula so that it wouldn't get old or stale. Anyway, just some thoughts.
    Hope it helps.
  4. fowlwoman1

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Wenatchee, WA
    Thanks Red, I think that info will really help me.
  5. Mycookoonest

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    May 29, 2008
    Hudson Valley NY
    I currently pay by the day. So for us we pay $33 a day. This is for 2 kids... I know we've got a steal but it's a friend and neighbor. But 30-35 a day is norm for 1 child a day. In NY anyway.

    I second the diapers, wipes, and food. The only thing you should have to supply is maybe a place to sleep for the baby. Which may mean you need to get a playpen. You can find these at yardsales cheap. While at that yardsale you may want to look into some toys. The baby should be starting to crawl by then so you'll want something to keep them busy. Make sure the parents give you spoons.... otherwise gerber sells a pack of spoons and sporks for about $3 and it doesn't really matter if they go missing. Also make sure to have extra bottles on hand, and possibly a sippy or two. My kids were on sippys by then.


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