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    I have been holding 64 (yes, 64!) chickens for a couple for a week. Yesterday they called and said they would be at the house to pick up half of them and then the other half today. Well, they got here and decided they wanted to get them all in one day. Oh... ok? The plan was that I when they all went to roost, that I was going to pen them up for today. I had several of them out in the yard free-ranging and it was 94 degrees. We spent over an hour in the heat (and sprinkling rain at one point) trying to catch chickens. We caught all but a few.

    I had a detailed invoice of all of the chickens they purchased for them and we checked if off as we went.

    Today, I get a call that she wants to me to double check my prices since she was not going to pay $10-15 for a grown chicken. What the hay? I told her exactly what I was asking for each one. These were my flock of show quality Black Cochins.

    So, what should I do? Should I ask them to bring them all back and offer a refund? (Then put them all in quarantine... [​IMG]) Or should I just tell her that my prices were already set and just refund the money for the ones that haven't been picked up?

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    Quote:If it was discussed before she picked up stick to your guns. I would --or if your afraid it wil cause a huge problem take a 1-2$ off per bird to shut her up-refund the $ for the ones she hasnt picked up too if it helps. You know I would drop 15$ for an adult black LF cochin! good grief-people ...Sorry [​IMG] not only that but you fed these chickens for another week too! you didnt have to and Im sure you didnt jack your price up for that week either!
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    Your Price is Already Set. Period. if she doesn't like it she shouldnt have taken them. Her problem now. Keep your money and give her what she has already paid for and if she doesnt pick them up, well then too bad for her. People these days [​IMG]

    Goodluck [​IMG]
  4. I'd go with the second option... you can't trust the health of the birds that have left your care... if you got them back they might very well not be worth 10-15 any more... you lose.

    They agreed ahead of time... and as you were checking off... could have said something then and not taken the birds... they didn't, not your fault. Sheesh, why do people have such a hard time keeping their word?

    Be sure when you talk to them though that you make sure they understand that you will not take back birds that have left your closed environment, that it isn't safe for all your others to do so. Otherwise they might get the bright idea to try and bring them all back. Yikes!

    Quote:Tee hee... guess she'd be okay with $10-15 eggs or chicks then? Sheesh, you count the chick cost, feed costs, housing, etc and $10-15 for a MUTT is a decent price... n'mind a really nice bird... it would have cost her quite a bit more (and n'mind the hours of work) to raise them herself. Gah, why are people so shifty?
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    If you had agreed on a price and she has already paid I would not drop my price. I would refund the ones she has not got and be done with it.
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    That is ridiculous that they took the chickens and are now questioning the prices.
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    So she paid for the chickens.....came and picked up the chickens....and now thinks they are not worth the price? Little late for that. I would offer a refund (full refund and keep the birds) on any birds she has not yet picked up........too late on the rest.

    Sounds like she is trying to scam you......if it were me, I would let her know that those are the prices you agreed on for those birds. IF she does not agree with those prices now......you will refund for any birds not yet picked up and keep those birds. But that any birds already removed from the property....all sales final.
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    I have full payment for all of them as discussed over a lengthy and friendly phone call a week ago. Discussed the prices of the individual birds, their show winnings, broody history... anything that thought would be of value. I actually knocked some off of the price she decided she would get them all. I turned folks down who called about them after she had given me her word she was going to get them all.

    I'm going to calm down for a little while, call her back and go through the detailed prices once more with her.

    Oh, and another thing. My very nice cochin rooster was priced at $50. She said nothing about that in the initial phone call. If $10 is bad and $15 is a no-no, why not say something about the $50 one?
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