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Steph Martin

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May 7, 2011
Nova Scotia Canada
o.k. here's the scoop. I've got five laying hens from a friend to start my flock and my husband and I made them a lovely hen house and run...recently adopted a silkie rooster who is turning out to be a real coward (another story)...during all of this, I decided to try my luck at hatching some eggs in my friend's incubator. I had a really hard time with the incubator and didn't think any of the chicks would come to fruition. Well 12 did.

Here is the dilema. My chicks are 1 week old and, with any luck, they will continue to age. I certainly do not want them in my back room for any longer than it takes for them to tolerate the weather. My main pen is going to be too small for the additional birds...My plan is to keep the good layers and remove and process the lazy layers and roosters in the Autumn....the numbers should be more managable then and the incubator birds old enough to integrate into the flock.

WHAT DO I DO IN THE MEANTIME?? I really don't want to free range them for a couple of reasons. I thought Chicken Tractor but we have bald and golden eagles, raccoons, mink, weasel, neighbours etc. and I'm afraid of leaving them to overnight in a tractor. In all honesty, I don't want to shell out any extra money for another coop and run.

Has anyone faced this problem? Does anyone have a solution? I am sooooo looking for an answer to this situation. I would appreciate any advice that anyone can give me. Thanks.

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