What should i know before getting goats?

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    May 25, 2016
    Ok, my family is almost ready to get goats!
    i just want to make sure my information i've got from, This website and a lot of other websites, is Correct and i also have a few Questions.[​IMG]

    Okay, is it true goats don't get flea's?

    Has anyone ever seen fleas on goats?

    Where is a good place to buy goat food?

    i have a farmers feed& seed near me, does anyone buy goat food from there?

    How much goat food does 1 eat per day, and how much hay should we provide daily if their eating weeds with it?

    Does it matter if we only get 1 goat, i know it's best to have at least 2 but is it necessary?

    is there Anything at all, any Tips, facts, anyone wants to share that might not be on the web?

    are ticks a problem for goats?

    will they get along with my dog?

    do we have to give them any medicine? If we do, what kind of medicine do you suggest? can i give medicine to them myself? where do we get it?

    i have hawks and falcons, should i stay away from pygmy goats because of there size?

    If your thinking of anything i'm not, Feel free to share!!!!

    do we give them baths? and how often?

    Thank you SO Much For Any Feed Back. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Goats don't get fleas but they can get lice.

    Get at least two goats, a single goat is a sad loud lonely goat. They bond tightly with each other and need another goat to do goat things with.

    My goats get pasture and good soft mixed grass hay. I don't feed bagged feed, it can cause digestive upset and even death if fed incorrectly or too much. Ask what the goats are being fed when purchased and make any changes slowly.

    Goats will either run from or head butt dogs, some will play with them, it depends on the dogs and whether the goats were raised with dogs.

    Goats should receive medicine, vaccines, and wormers as needed, so find a good vet before hand and use them until you are more familiar with the care of your goats and what is needed for your region.

    I've never bathed a goat nor do I check them for ticks, I'm sure they get them like all animals do.

    Hawks shouldn't bother your goats, coyotes are a far worse menace if they are in your area. Always provide safe housing and good fencing. Goats hate getting wet and being in the hot sun.
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