What should I use to disinfect my wooden tractor after coccidia?

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    I just had an outbreak of Coccidia (I think). Luckily only two 3 week old chicks were involved. They were living outdoor in a mostly wooden chicken tractor. No other birds were with them. What should I use to disinfect the tractor.? I read that ammonia was best for coccidia. Anyone else have knowledge or experience concerning this? Thanks

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Cocci is a protozoa that lives in the dirt. If the chickens recovered, they are probably immune now. Just rake out the old poop and call it good. That's all I've ever done and only had once case of cocci in 10+years, and cocci is VERY present in PNW soils.
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    oxine is the only thing that will kill the oocytes

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