What size are our chickens’ eggs?

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    May 26, 2018
    our chickens have been laying for the past month but I still don’t know what the size of their eggs are. Can anyone help me? Thank you

    ( White Egg is Large )

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    Feb 8, 2018
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    You are better off weighing your eggs to get the size. Here is a chart to give you an idea. Screenshot_20181116-195109_Chrome.jpg
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  3. I have some mixed breed chickens, but i know who lays what.
    My isa brown lays this
    and my sumatra mix lays this one
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    Aug 22, 2017
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    Thanks for that chart!

    I bake and Ive never been quite sure if my eggs are the "large" that most recipes are based on. Now I'll be able to make a more reliable assessment and adjust the number of eggs accordingly. And just in time for Christmas season baking!
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    Jan 28, 2018
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    @IamRainey beware, grading weights vary by region! - here (EU) they are 10g brackets, changing on the x3, so 53-62g = medium, and large = 63-72g. Most cookery books will clarify what scale they are using in the introductory material, but websites are often slack in this.
  6. GC-Raptor

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    Jul 26, 2016
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    Here in Connecticut, U.S.A. Chicken egg weight is as follows.
    Peewee; 35 grams, 1.25 ounces, 15 ounces per Dozen.
    Small; 43 grams, 1.5 ounces, 18 ounces per Dozen.
    Medium; 50 grams, 1.75 ounces, 21 ounces per Dozen.
    Large; 57 grams, 2 ounces, 24 ounces per Dozen.
    Extra Large; 64 grams, 2.25 ounces, 27 ounces per Dozen.
    Jumbo; 71 grams, 2.5 ounces, 30 ounces per Dozen.
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    Newly laying pullets can take days, or weeks... or months to get up to a 'large' size.
    Second season of laying most birds will usually produce fewer but larger eggs.
    I just use a cheap(was ~$13 five years ago) digital kitchen scale to weigh eggs and cartons.

    Same info as GC-Raptor but easier for me to read:
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    Sep 6, 2018
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    i dont have any comments on grading egg sizes but...
    I've worked at a bakery for a good 8 years. size of eggs really dont matter with a recipe. recipes are always a guideline, everything affects yours bakery, altitude, humidity, minerals in water, ingredient impurities, ect. use the guidelines (recipe) and adjust for moisture as you go. bakery is half art half science. small yolk = less bonding which may cause your end product to fall apart or crumble but with other recipes that may be ideal. i think you all get the point.
    just thought id mention that XD have a great day bye
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