What temp should i put petrolium jelly on my ladies combs??

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by AlicesSilkies, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. BYC gang!

    I live in england, but its getting very cold here, weve had freezing fog and -5 temps.

    Should i be putting the jelly on there combs??

    Thanks guys!


  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Do you have big combed birds?
    That's the temp it has been here a couple nights this week with about 60% humidity. I haven't had any trouble except with roosters' combs and wattles. The hens come through a lot better even with temps down to -20. It starts to get bad for roos about -8 C.
    I know the old timers always say to use it but I try to imagine if I was outside without gloves and would I rather have dry hands or covered with Vaseline. I don't know the answer but perhaps it would keep condensation away from the skin.
    Some say that just the massaging action of applying the V. stimulates blood flow and that's the reason it works.
  3. I dont have a rooster just 9 bantams, one does have a large comb, but i havent seen any sign of cracks or any things like that, all their combs look normal....so far [​IMG]

    Might give it a go anyway, better safe than never [​IMG]
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    Hmm i have not yet, mine are small combed though. I am watching, mind you it's warmer today(37F) so i don't think it'll be an issue till it becomes really cold? i think just keeping an eye and having it handy is the right way to go. I do the same with my ducks as they are all Muscovy so have heavy facial flesh and have to dunk their heads in water daily.

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