what the best bedding?

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  1. urban chicks

    urban chicks In the Brooder

    Oct 2, 2012
    hi i just wanted to know which bedding is the best to use in the chicken coop run and inside the coop?
  2. Alaskan

    Alaskan The Frosted Flake

    I vote for wood chips in the coop, poop trays with sweet PDZ and a run filled with sand. :D
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  3. Janet Pesaturo

    Janet Pesaturo Chirping

    Sep 30, 2013
    Bolton, MA, USA
    Everyone has a different preference. I like shavings in coop because they are soft and dry. In runs I spread hay, which I rake and turn daily to keep fluffy and dry. I spread fresh hay on top frequently, and occasionally shovel it all out to use as mulch in veg garden, and then start over in run with fresh hay.
  4. 3ChickensNADuck

    3ChickensNADuck In the Brooder

    May 30, 2013
    Lakewood, CA
    I concur with the hay. It's my favorite because it's free. The birds like it. All I got to do is mow the lawn. And works for deep litter method.
  5. ChickenNanny

    ChickenNanny Hatching

    Aug 19, 2013
    I have pine shavings/flakes in the coop and installed a poop board a week ago. I added Sweet PDZ to the board and am wishing I'd done it from the getgo...makes cleanup so much easier and virtually eliminates any odor. I have sand in the run but I continually add pulled weeds, dried leaves and apples from my trees. I rake and turn over the coop and run contents at least once a week. The girls always seem to find plenty of things to scratch and peck.

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