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  1. My black shoulder peacock is taking FOREVER to grow his train back. All my other peacocks trains have grown in pretty quick already. I remember last year he grew his 2nd train in rather quickly and it was a beautiful train being he was only 2. Is this normal ? [​IMG]




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    My understanding is the 3rd one can be the roughest- bump up his protein and fat. Give him mealworms and good wet cat food.

    I should say my knowledge on this is all from reading...my own are less than a year old.
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    Wow yeah that train is short...It could just be him. Some peacocks trains grow faster some grow slower than others it depends on when he shed his 2 year old train. If he shed it later than your other birds then it just seems like he is growing it back slower but that is only because he shed it later than others...Just guessing though...[​IMG]
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    Could be a good thing...he could make sure the late season eggs are fertile.

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