what the heck is this awkward chicken lol?


11 Years
Mar 30, 2009
I think rooster though I have not had a confirmed crow? Age should be about 3 months now.
I am driving myself nuts trying to figure the comb out....cushion, strawberry (not walnut right?). The closest pics on the internet that I could find were Chanteclers a canadian breed? Though the breeder did not have that listed as a possibility? Any guesses? Heres pics:








Oh if that isn't a rooster... looks like a rose comb.. but I'd wait for another answer!

eta: I do not however have any idea what breed HE is!
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I thought the tailfeathers screamed roo as well but admittingly am not sure of anything.
The breeder had this list of crosses:
Black Copper Marans Roo, Wheaten Marans Roo, Blue Ameraucana Roo, Welsummer Roo over the following hens:
Cuckoo Marans, Deleware, Welsummer, Wheaten Marans, Black, Blue and Wheaten Ameraucanas.
But it really looks like a chantecler cross? What do you guys think? We have been calling "him" McFuster, since "he" started out as "Gertrude McFuzz.
so then should I keep McFuster as I would like to try to hatch some blue green or dark layers next year? I have no idea what he is? The crosses I listed above, but, who knows he looks Canadian chantecler to me lol. I have one EE that lays a great blue green egg that I wanted to breed to try and get more blue greens (not looking for pure bred obviously...just eggs but not sure that he looks to have the Ameraucana traits?..though she does obviously). I also have a Welsummer pullet who is just gaga in love with McFuster....not sure what they would make for eggs but I am guessing nice and dark? Hes got maran legs right? Though only one is showing odd feathers...is that bad? I thought the comb was a good trait for the cold VT winters though.
hmmmmmm....what would you do? Stew? Pet? Breed?
Working with the breeds you listed, he looks like Marans over Ameraucana. Lightly feathered legs and a pea comb, the comb looks a little different because he's a cross. (I've hatched 4 EE crosses and the combs all looked a little different from a real pea comb.)

Dark legs crossed with light legs creates a sex-link when the male is the one with the dark legs. I'm not sure what happens when you cross the other way.

You might want to post over in breeds and genetics, there are quite a few knowledgable people who may be able to narrow it down or even tell you what he is.

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