What to do for the only baby chick who survived the trip through the mails?


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May 31, 2012
Hi everyone -- We have one Buff Orpington chick (should be a girl) who I picked up from the post office 3 hours ago. She's ensconced in a large cardboard box, with heat lamp, water she has already drunk, chick food she has already eaten some of, and a few bits of lettuce she's pecked at. I've picked her up and held her several times and she quiets down when I do. Have not seen her sleep yet. She's full of life, looks around at things, pecks at my wedding ring. No pasty butt.

Sadly, 8 of the 9 baby chicks we ordered from My Pet Chicken had gotten between the packaging and the cardboard box and were dead when we opened the box. I have a call in to the company, and I am guessing that this is quite rare. We have no other chickens at present, in fact it's been many years since we had chickens. We have already phoned the feed stores in our area (in Colorado) and the season is over, so we will place another order for more chickens to arrive in about a week.

My question really is about caring for her this week. Looks likely she will be quite the pet after we get through this! My husband and I both work at home so we can give her lots of cuddles... well, he may some, that's more my thing. The cardboard box is in our greenhouse, which is attached to the house, so it's easy to pop in there a lot.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance!
Hi, Sad to hear about the chicks. :(

Sounds like your baby chick will be fine. She's eating, drinking, lively... Maybe put a teddy in there so she can snuggle up to that considering she has noone to sleep with at night. She may feel vulnerable without it. Make sure its not too hot - greenhouse + heatlamp = hot hot hot!

Other than that, it sounds like she'll do great.
I would give it all the attention I possibly could, lol. That is rare. I would give her a special name
I would check Craigslist for another chick, maybe even post an ad that you are looking for one. Chickens really do better with friends because if they get cold they have someone to cuddle. If you want to wait on getting another chick I have heard of people putting a stuffed animal in with lone chicks.

Oh and welcome to byc!
Great to get answers so fast, thanks! We don't have any stuffed animals in the house... ah, except one that came with my Mac so I will take it out there.

We also have a thermometer in her box and this greenhouse doesn't get any sun at this time of year... we didn't build it! So we can keep things around 95 pretty easily, I think.
You might also put a radio near by & play that so it won't get so lonely. I had the same thing happen several years ago. Sorry about losing the rest of them. If you get more in a week, she should integrate with them w/no problem. I had that same thing happen several years ago except it was a failed hatch.
Ah, music is easy... there is a window between the greenhouse and my husband's office, and he usually plays the internet radio all day. Hmm, jazz, solo piano, classical.... or maybe the Latin channel!

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