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Apr 28, 2008
my rir is doing her thing i egg a day. my buff does iegg 2 days then 1 day of thats ok.i have 5 ee girls. one started to lay a week ago and still wating for the others to catch on.the one laying is only doing 1 egg every 3days. is this normal? and why havent the others started. they are all the same age (35 weeks). i understand thats this might be late and i might be off on there age but i was told there age when i got them.they have free range in a great yard htat would make any egg layer jump up and down and want to lay every day. what to do waht to do?
If your hens are free ranging all day and evry day watch for eggs outside in grass or hidden areas,if you are sure that they lay only in nesting boxes then really no one can do anything about thier behavier just let mother nature takes it's curse.
Best luck
Apparently a lot of people's EE's seem to start laying pretty late anyway. So, your girls probably just aren't ready. As far as the one egg every 3 days, some are just not as frequent layers as others. I have one girl who will lay for several days then go on a two or three day "vacation".
I would say that soon you will be getting plenty of eggs from everyone.

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