What to do with bag of old feed?

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  1. I noticed when I switched to Purina Layena feed, my egg production which was 4-5 a day (in winter!) dropped to 2 a day from my 10 hens. I don't use artificial light in winter and let nature take it's course with their laying, but this drop the last few days now that it's "warming" up to the 30s and 40s was really noticeable, and the only change was feed! My suspicion is the feed is bad or old and they either don't like it and wont eat it, or the nutrition isn't there. What do I do with the rest of the bag? I'm going back to my old feed and want to get rid of this one. Can I compost the feed or is that a bad idea?
    Thanks for any advice!
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    I seriously doubt a drop like that is due to the feed unless it is moldy but that’s your choice. If you are going to dispose of it, composting will work great. It’s pretty rich and will hold moisture. If you just pour it on in a pile it may go anaerobic and start to smell, so maybe mix it in a bit.

    Another possible use is to feed wild birds if you are into that.
  3. Thx. I hate to waste feed like that. Could they just be getting used to it? I dont think I'll buy that brand again in any event.
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    You could also try mixing the Layena with your previously favorite feed and hope that the chickens don't pick through leaving all the Layena. Or try fermenting it or simply mixing with yogurt or kefir.
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    i had purchased starter feed at the local feed store. the man on the dock told me he thought it was getting old so i contacted Purina to ask if the old feed would hurt the chicks. i was told by Purina that they DO NOT recommend feeding anything that is over a year old.
    the date that the feed was produced is on the bag seal. it is as follows, year/month/ day/ plant/ shift.
    the bag I was feeding was from 2009. the feed store told me that they didn't sell much of the starter feed. My birds ate it like they were staring and haven't become ill.

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