What to do with frostbite?

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    May 11, 2009
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    Well, I have a Rhode Island Red rooster who seems to have gotten frostbite on his tall comb. The tips are black so I'm assuming that is what happened. Do I have to do anything about it? Will leaving it alone cause problems? I can't imagine clipping it off as this rooster is the meanest thing you can imagine. That's why I didn't take preventative measures like putting vaseline on his comb b/c you can't get near the guy.
  2. I had a RIR once get frost bite on his comb. I left it alone. He was fine.
  3. You can leave it alone and it will most likely take care of itself, but when mine get frostbite, I put on some Neosporin or Aquafor (sp?) and it heals quicker.

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