What to expect at a Poultry/Breeder Show?

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Sep 9, 2009
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Now that I have found a great listing for California shows, I am really excited about attending one. Can anyone give me some insight into what to expect? Do they generally have birds for sale? Will I get a chance to meet breeders, buy equipment, etc? Is it better to attend the first or last day of the show? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience with a newbie.
I think every show I have been to has had a For Sale section. You might want to go the first day, (early bird gets the worm) the best birds will go fast. Or you can gamble and wait until the last day when breeders may drop prices because they do not want to take the birds home. As far as equipment, I have been to shows that vendors for poultry supplies, and some that have not. Look to see if the show listing has a contact number, call or e-mail the show secretary or superintendent should have the info on supply vendors, as they usually charge the a fee for space at the show. When you get to the show get an exhibitor list, tells who is showing, where there from. Each exhibitor is give a number, so the judge does not know whose birds are whose . Find the breeds you like and check the exhibitor numbers of those who are showing. Then you can ask a show official if they know that breeder, usually if the official does not know, they know some one who does. Hope this helps, good luck.

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