What to feed a pullet who has trouble eating, beak clicking?

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    May 17, 2014
    I have a three month old hen who I noticed wasn't thriving like the others the same age as her. They all had a runny nose about two weeks ago and all of them got over it quickly except her. She still has clear discharge from her nose and will fall asleep literally anywhere. She seems to be having trouble eating and I think that's why she is underweight and is struggling to shake this "cold" she has. When I hand feed her or give her meds (which she hates), every time she swallows her beak makes a clicking sounds like the bottom is hitting the top. She also struggles to pick small things up off the ground.

    I started her on Tylan-50, she has probiotics in her water, and I've given her a few drops the last two days of Nutri-drench straight in her mouth. Yesterday I offered her wet cat food and she tore into it like she was starved, but she preferred for me to hold big clumps of it on my fingers. I tried mixing her feed (grower/finisher crumbles) with water but she outright refused that. I did have luck this evening mixing half wet cat food with the mash I made and she pigged out on that. I know cat food isn't the best for a balanced diet but at least she's getting some protein in her and she was a little more peppy today, although after meds and her hearty meal she fell asleep on me and snored.

    Any ideas of what else I can try to get her going again? Boost her energy, calories, immune system? Thanks in advance!
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