What to feed African geese pair?


Mar 1, 2018
Dade City, Florida
What type of feed and diet should my pair of African geese be fed?

i am already feeding them:
Scratch which include wheat, milo and cracked corn.
Since they’ve always been with my chicken flock they also eat layer crumbles.
Now they have their own home area. What type of feed should they eat?
During the day they free range and I see them eating mostly grass. What other greens can I feed them?
Daisy is laying eggs, in winter? Isn’t egg laying seasonal? Spring?
And to get them imprinted to new home I am keeping them locked in for a few days. Where all their food and water is in their same place. I had yo separate them from the chicken flock because the ladies would eat their food during the day and
Left them with nothing to eat all day.
here is a picture of my happy pair. Gladstone and Daisy. We live in Dade City Florida.
Thank you for your help. Happy New Year!

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