What to feed baby pigeon?!?!?

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  1. I have two pigeons that have had their first brood but as one chick was a lot bigger than the other it took all the food so the second chick was about to die.... I intervened and have been raising it on chick crumb mixed with water and mixed corn. This has been working fine until the last few days when the baby pigeon has been reluctant to eat.... what should he be eating at his size? I'm not sure about his age though he is further behind in development than the other chick by about 5 days. I'll upload pictures later but he's pretty much fully feathered bar a bit of fluff around his head
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    Make sure you allow the crop to empty between feedings you may have created a blockage or a condition referred to as Sour Crop.
    Check out this link it will give you some idea. Plus there are other threads on the same page once you access the link:
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    I'm curious how old the squab is and how long you have been feeding him? Hope he gets better:fl
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    In future an easier method is to remove larger chick in morning and put back late evening, feeding by hand layer pellets (15-16% protein at most, usually cheapest, natural, non medicated, same quality as pigeon pellets.. at about ten to twelve US dollars per fifty pound bag). Some wonder about added salt calcium protein and ash, but has about same varying 2% give or take as pelleted breeding showing conditioning and racing feeds. Dissection of culls and predator kills have never shown anything but increase in healthy kidney function along with other organs etc, but you can mix with whole corn, or/and wild bird seed (be extremely wary of wild bird seeds as mainly they are toxic from chemicals used on, but can be great for training flying birds and as taming treat if find decent ones).
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    Good Vid. Thanks for posting !!

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