What To Feed Guinea Keets Hatched By Silkie??


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11 Years
May 2, 2008
Silkie Hatched Guinea Eggs.not Certain What To Feed ? Is Broiler/layer Mash Ok?
I alway's fed my guinea keets NON medicated basic chick starter with no problem.You should never feed young chick's or bird's layer feed.It can cause internal bleeding.I lost about 30 mixed chick's once due to feed.Medicated gamebird feed I don't use either.Just my opinion and experience.
yep, I forgot to say I always used NON MEDICATED gamebird starter. I remember the feed store owner telling me that chick starter works too but the gamebird starter had more protein. When the guineas got older, they really enjoyed the neighbors cat food-even ate out of the same bowl with the cats!
Thanks for the information .Feed store had chick starter 20% protein, not much more than layer feed 18%. I watched silkie with 3 keets eating off her beak .interesting , never hatched eggs before

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