what to feed rooster that nearly froze to death?

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  1. Last night we found our fizzle roo almost dead. He was in the coop but still icy to the touch. So we brought him in the house, laid him on a heat pad gave him water through the night with a med. dropper. HE made it through the night and is now able to stand but does not seem to be getting much better. I have been giving him water in the dropper every few hours cause he waddles to the water bowl and dips his beak in it but does not seem to drink. He is going to the bathroom though which makes me hope I can save him.

    I just watered him again and reheated the heat pad he is sleeping on. I also gave him a few drops of electrolite paste watered down enough for me to run it through the dropper. I am getting worried because he wont even try to eat anything. What can I make that I can feed him til he gets enough strength to eat on his own. Should I give him a few more drops of the eletrolite paste later in the night?

    Any ideas I would really appreciate it.
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    Lowfat yogurt, mashed banana, pureed oatmeal...
    hope he gets better [​IMG]
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    I have two roos who have both drowned twice and frozen once, they've come back everytime with warmth and vitamins and love. I've been shocked at how bad they've been and I've given up home on them but they made it. Hang in there, they might surprise you!
  4. thanks I will try it
  5. how about baby food ? Is this okay for them?
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    LOTS of water. I havent had this happen, but I know that the cold weather is dehydrating. Use a dropper. Maybe electrolytes? I would try and give water every 30 minutes.

    Take Care,
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    maybe add warm water to mash if you have any. warm scrambled eggs are good too. [​IMG]
  8. I just wanted to let every one know that we lost him today. He was dead when I got up this morning. I was really amazed that he lived so long and tried so hard. I guess I should just be happy that I keep mine in a coop and run. Unlike our neighbor that only free ranges his, all most all of which died this week in the cold.
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    How about a soft soft boiled egg???
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. At least he was comfortable before he went. If there was ever a way to die, that would be the way I'd like to go-with caring friends and family, good food and water.

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