What to look for in local foods?

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    Well, I'm trying to switch to more local foods, if I can't raise/grow it myself. Milk is a huge one, I'd love to get local milk, but, I'm wondering what to look for when purchasing local milk. Should I get pasturized only? My family consists of hubby, our 1 year old son, myself and our unborn baby, due in April, so I need to be careful if there are any risks.
    Anyone have any advice for obtaining local milk? What about other stuff, like locally raised meats? Thanks guys. [​IMG]

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    I am not sure about the milk, but we have a local butcher that we buy bulk meats from. Thanksgiving we get local grown turkeys, ham, etc. we also have a farmer's market that sells locally grown fruits and veggies and well and locally made clothing, rocks , etc.
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    Here in the north east we have a few farmers who bottle their own milk and sell it at the market...Oakhurst in Maine is one such company and they swear they do not use hormones on their cows... Cabot in Vermont is another who will not take milk for their cheeses if there is hormones in it... I would think if you looked around you could find a local dairy...never drink raw milk...it should always be pasturized...for you and your family's safety...

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