What to sell the trio for?

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    Mar 20, 2012
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    I've got a ringneck pheasant trio that I was considering selling come right before breeding season but still havent decided if I want to or not. I know prices vary by region and so on, but could anyone give me a rough estimate of what I could sell a trio for around shortly before they begin to breed? They hatched this year in May, and none of the birds have any visual defects and are healthy full size birds. I've just never seen any pairs or trios for sale, nor looked before to have a reference frame to go off of. Thanks
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    I've seen ringneck pheasant trios for sale for $40.00, $75.00 and even up to $120.00

    I know *nothing* about pheasants, just saying what I have personally seen sales for ...for that specific breed as a trio. You can even find some old classified ads here at BYC for comparison by searching in the provided field.:]
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    I've raised and sold various types of pheasants for 30 years, mostly ringneck and ask $25 a pair for my birds 12 months of the year. It all depends on the old factor of supply and demand. Most folks here buy ringnecks to eat and will not pay as high a price for them as folks who are interested in raising them. My biggest demand for birds goes with Lady Amherst, Red Golden and Silvers.

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