what to use for connectors for steel wire 2x4 fencing?

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    I am making the run now. I have lots of rolls of 2x4 steel wire fencing for sides and overhead and apron. What should I use to hold the lengthwise sides together? Somebody on here mentioned something like some kind of snap rings but Home Depot doesn't seem to have anything like that. I do not want to sew wire around and around the seams. There must be little snap-closed rings, right? Anyone know what I am talking about?
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    I used "J-hooks". You can find them in the Rabbit section of the farm store, they're used with a special pliers to coil them around wire--they're sold for making Rabbit cages. If you look at my BYC page, the large run was made/joined with those J-hooks. However I did make my own rings to suspend the fencing from the overhead #9 wire by cutting some old trampoline springs lengthwise---giving me dozens of "split rings" that was easy to clinch with slipjoint pliers. I used that for suspension to give me flexibility in the fence and easy repair and replacement as needed.
  4. Both my thoughts already got mentioned.

    Zip Ties are AWESOME. Very flexible, can be used anywhere for any size and they stick. But as said up yonder, if for outside use get the UV ones.

    I haven't tried the metal clips, but anyone who builds their own cages always mentions those. No problems with UV/Plastic issues, but you do need a particular tool with some.

    Of course, if all else fails you could use wire... I used the wire that was holding my HC in a spool to later 'stitch' the HC pieces together. Worked pretty well, and I know the metal is compatible. Need something stronger than that for what you're doing, but it's a thought.
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    I also like the J-clips I got in the rabbit section of Tractor Supply. It is what you normally build rabbit cages with and they make great hinges. Hog rings will also work well. The J-clips hold them tighter together but the hog rings are easier to remove if you ever need to. You can get special tools to apply them. You have to get the tool for the J-clips, but you can use channel locks to put on the hog rings. The special tool makes it a lot easier, but if you only have a few, you can make do.

    Good luck!
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    I use loxit rings:


    They come in two sizes, and you do need a special pair of pliers to attach them. They're very easy to use.

    I tried using zip ties before I discovered the loxit rings. I'm using 1/2" by 1/2" hardware cloth, and it was a real pain to attach the zip ties (I had to make a little hook to pull the end of the tie back through the opening in the wire so I could fasten it). I used the heavy duty UV stabilized ones, but after only a year I'm starting to see some degrading of the plastic.

    I also tried weaving wire (again before I discovered the loxit clips), and that took forever.

    Overlapping the wire at the seams a couple of inches, then fastening with these clips in an alternating pattern every few inches, makes a nice tight seam and is not very difficult to do.
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    i used zip ties. dont know if they are uv or not and dont care, they are cheap and easily replaced. just make sure you get some that are pretty strong. mine have a tensile strength of 400+ pounds.
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    Wjat kind of posts are you using? If it's the metal "T" posts, they make T-post clips for them. They are very secure! If you are using wood posts, then Romex staples (for electrical wire) will do just fine. Home Depot has both of those items, and they are pretty inexpensive.
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    Quote:we used the Jclips too and they're wonderful. They stay put. Zipties can snap and wear out and become brittle in the heat. They just don't hold up to what the metal jclips do.

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