What took my ducks?


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
I had 2 ducks one pekin male and one rouen mix female, first the pekin was gone we found only a few down feathers on the side of the house some with a little blood now my female is gone with no trace of any thing. I live in a suburban neighborhood but on a shared acre(duplex) and all the houses around are on an acre. We have woods in the back, for about 50 or so feet and a housing development on the other side. We frequently have deer in the backyard and I know there are raccoons. I did see 3 hawks which came so low I actually sprayed them with the hose, they were being chased by crows scared the crap out of me! The neighbors feed stray cats so there are always cats around. My son looking in the woods for Lucky the pekin came across a pile of "big" poop not raccoon or dog(he is 26 and has hunted able to tell the difference) He is thinking maybe a coyote or a bobcat. Could a hawk take a full grown duck?
It was probably a fox or racoon...although hawks can do the same! SO sorry!!
I have feral cats everywhere around here and they don't mess with my pekins or my call ducks either--actually none of my chickens!
I am sorry for you loss. You collected some good info about the losses that will help determine who did it. A raccoon usually dosent make a clean kill, not on something the size of a duck. There would be feathers everywhere and a portion of the carcus left some where. The killer has to be big enough to kill quickly and then carry the prey off. I had a fox kill some chickens this summer and by one of the dead chickens he left a pile of poo. Killed 4 hauled one off. I think marked the other with poo planning to come back. Bob Cats like almost all cats burry their poo. So you have a Canine by the size of the properties fox or Coyote. I am betting a Fox. Keep your eyes open and let us know. Do you have other birds to protect?
I'm with mikeksfarmer on this one. I just wanted to add that coyotes are being seen in ever increasing numbers in urban areas, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that it's one of them. Sorry about your losses.

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