What treats do your geese like best?

My goose just loves spinach!!! Give it a try!
Hi there

Is this your first post, if so A BIG WELCOME FROM THE UK

With our Toulouse we bribe them Romaine Lettuce leaves and they love those
Might need a little time to get used to the taste but when they do they'll soon come running.

Yep, I am new here. Thank you for the kind welcome.

I love these ideas. Spinach and lettuce have been my mainstay treats, but now that they are eating lots of grass, they don't seem real excited about more greens, but I never would have thought of popcorn in a million years. Keep the ideas coming.....I want these geese to actually come when I call them.
Mine love lettuce, apples, bamboo, and carrots, but their absolute favorite treats are roaches (I raise my own) and watermelon.
Watermelon! Mine go crazy for it. Thry will clean it down until the rind is almost paper thin. They especially like it cold.

Be careful about spinach. I have read somewhere that it is not good for them, has anyone else read that?

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