What trip/vacation do you really want to take? Where would you go?

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    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    My fantasy trip is to go to Salem, MA for Halloween. I've always wanted to do it and I almost made it this year! If our school schedule hadn't changed by a week I would have been off that week. I want to be there for about 2 days before to watch everything and everyone get ready, and for about 2 days after to see it calm down.
  2. There are two trips I'd love to take.

    The first would be a week by myself in Cedar Key at the Island Hotel.

    The second would be a driving trip, desert Southwest. I'd like to take several weeks and do west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona (can't get enough!), maybe Nevada, Utah...I hitchhiked extensively in that area back in the day, but I had no coordinated plan, no money, and no sense, so it was pretty much a wasted (ha ha) trip. I'd really love to have the time to do it the 'grownup' way.

    On either trip I'd need my laptop, a telescope, and my Bible. Oh, and I guess my cell phone. But I'd leave that turned off alot. [​IMG]
  3. My Dream:
    This summer I wanted to go southward to Fairbanks or Anchorage to professionally train my two youngest male weimaraners and then test them for titles in NAVHDA hunting. Then I would have gone to The Netherlands with my Boris and hunted pheasant and tried to get him tested there for hunting ability while visiting w/his breeders and his dam:) Maybe next year...I only have a three year time frame to do this as she'd be 9 years old at the 3rd year and that's getting up there in age for her to see her son...I know, my dogs are spoiled...
    Boris Van Valckesteyn, Crown Prince Long Hair Weimaraner from The Netherlands, first time Sprig/Duck hunting in Alaska on Labor Day Sept 2008
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    Writer, I am spending Halloween in Salem this year! I can hardly wait! I've been three times, always for one day in October, but never for Halloween. I said ever since my first trip there that the first year Halloween falls on a weekend I am going. It's a Friday this year, so my brother, sister, a coworker, and I are all going up that WED and coming home MON. I'll have to email you my pics!

    As for a dream vacation...there are so many places I want to see, but Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands would be the very top of my list. Then I want to go to Ireland and Scotland, and also to Yellowstone. Like I said, there are so many places I want to visit, but those would be my top choices [​IMG]

    Travel has always been my most favorite thing and my biggest goal. I have two favorite quotes....
    I think I must have eaten the page from an atlas when I was very small. Otherwise, I can't explain why I have always been agitated in my blood with a love of far places.
    Homesick for a place I've never been.
  5. You-all must have or are reading all those scary witch books I read when I was a young teen...[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Mar 20, 2007
    That's a neat dream snowydiamonds. I guess I never knew that weimaraners were bird dogs!

    My dream is a cruise to Alaska. I would love to see Alaska!
  7. Ahhhh... so many places, so little money.... [​IMG]

    I'd love to see more of the USA first, then travel abroad. England, Ireland, Italy, etc...
  8. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Beautiful Dog!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Now thats a DOG!!!!!!!!!

    I always thought it would be neat to get a long haired Viszla!

    Ye, I am a Viszla person. Home of the original Velcro design. [​IMG]
  9. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I would like to visit Alaska! Seriously!!!! And Canada, and the Arizona desert, and the Smokey Mountains, and travel all around America.
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  10. Alaska from my dog's view, to help make your trips to AK come true:
    Cold outside? Warm sunshine and warm stove inside;
    Bones this big;
    You can walk for miles in March and get a tan
    salmon in sparkling, clear rivers and creeks
    The tundra is soft, fresh and clean to roll in
    Salmon are sneaky and hard to retrieve

    (I love the look of LHV's, had a SHViszla when I was 17)

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